• Feed chain
  • ZINAL5® floor grates
  • Manure belt rollers
  • System lighting*
  • Hot-dip galvanized components
  • Self-rotating dust auger in the manure belt
  • PA protective-coated floor grates*


Tall Tier Height

  • The tall tier level height allows for an optimum number and distribution of perches. The height also facilitates fast and easy working in the system.

Low System Height

  • The low system height allows for easy and quick monitoring of all tiers in the system. It also enables the installation of a second floor level on the top of the system, meaning you can double the livestock count, while complying with national legal provisions. This helps reduce staff costs and capital outlay.

Additional Grating Level and Perches

  • An additional one-half grating level and perches mounted at different heights on each tier help achieve an optimum stocking density. All perches and grating levels are ready from day one of housing the livestock, thus offering the livestock good training. This promotes muscle growth and a strong bone structure. The flock is excellently prepared for subsequent housing in aviaries or alternative systems, thus promoting early as well as high production output in the laying system.


Feed Chain

  • The unique Farmer Automatic feed chain, made of low-wear, durable steel, is gentle on the feed trough and guarantees a fast and uniform feed mix and distribution. The livestock thus has uniform access to fresh feed at all times.


Two Perch Diameters

  • To accustom the livestock to perches in the early stages of growth, the system has two perch diameters. The animals are thus excellently trained for the subsequent laying system. The resulting short familiarization period in the laying system reduces the staff's future workload and promotes livestock health.

Manure Belt Rollers

  • Farmer Automatic's unique roller-guided manure belt system also supports low-wear operation in longer systems. Low rolling resistance means that less drive power is needed, which increases the service life of the manure belt.

Swiveling Fly-on Perch

  • The swiveling fly-on perch makes it easier for pullets to access the upper tier and helps them become more quickly accustomed to the later laying system. The perch can be pulled toward the system and locked. This makes it easier to work with the livestock for monitoring purposes or vaccinations. It also prevents the livestock from sitting on the perch at night and soiling the litter.


Sliding Door with Integrated Swing Doors*

  • The system is equipped with large, fully opening sliding doors with one or two integrated swing doors. If required, the system can be completely closed. Opening the integrated swing doors gives the livestock easy access to the remaining areas. This promotes natural selection based on the size and capabilities of the livestock. The functional sliding doors make the system easy to manage, thus reducing the staff workload.

Various Mesh Sizes*

  • Various mesh sizes are available for the floor grating on the lower tier. This makes it possible to accommodate the farmer's husbandry approach.

Height-adjustable Drinking Line with 360° Nipples

  • The height-adjustable drinking line supports flexible accommodation to match livestock growth. 360° nipples ensure that the pullets can easily reach the water from all sides. This supports the physical development of the pullets from day one.

ZINAL5® Floor Grates

  • The premium-quality ZINAL5® standard coating on the Farmer Automatic floor grates is comprised of 95% zinc and 5% aluminum. ZINAL5® offers triple corrosion protection for section floors, including welded joints. This improves the longevity of the grate and heightens the livestock's well-being by providing a more comfortable walking environment and reducing callus formation.

Hot-dip Galvanized Components

  • Functionally critical system components are hot-dip galvanized for excellent corrosion protection and a long service life, thus reducing maintenance and operating costs.


System Lighting*

  • To improve the rearing performance, the system can be equipped with lighting. The use of energy-efficient LED technology reduces energy costs. The illumination can be custom designed.

Stainless Steel Feet

  • The system has high-quality stainless steel feet with a high level of corrosion-resistance against litter and manure. This significantly extends the service life and durability of the system.

Floor Gratings Held by Flat Steel Sections

  • The floor grates are supported by flat sections from below. This creates a continuous floor surface without any edges or corners. The livestock can move safely, which reduces the risk of injury.


Self-rotating Dust Auger in Manure Belt

  • The self-rotating dust auger in the manure belt prevents dirt and dust build-up on the inside of the drive units. This improves belt tracking and reduces manure belt maintenance.


Pullet Lift

  • The pullet lift, installed at the end of the feed trough, protects the pullets from being drawn into the drive or feed corner by the feed chain. This minimizes the risk of injuries and the downtime this causes.

PA Protective Coating on Floor Grates*

  • PA/polyamide-coated floor grates improve the livestock's well-being by creating a visually brighter environment, ensuring a pleasant walking experience on the grating, and reducing callus formation. The virtually self-cleaning grates prevent manure from accumulating and have positive impact on the livestock health.

Combined System

  • The system supports both conventional and alternative livestock rearing. It offers a high level of flexibility to allow for a response to market requirements.

Floor end Pieces

  • The floor end pieces prevent livestock and litter from dropping onto the underlying system. To facilitate cleaning of the underlying system, the flaps can be raised. This ensures easy handling and promotes hygiene as well as reducing the cost of cleaning.

Manure Belt Aeration Tube*

  • A manure belt aeration tube* is available on customer request. It helps to dry the manure, which improves hygiene and ensures a pleasant environment.

* optional equipment

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