Combi Pullet

The Farmer Automatic Combi Pullet is a highly flexible rearing system for layers. The special feature of the combination system is that livestock can be reared for conventional or alternative housing/aviaries. Contact us for product details.


  • Feed chain
  • Manure belt rollers
  • ZINAL5® floor grates
  • Hot-dip galvanized components
  • Feed agitator in the feed shaft
  • Self-rotating dust auger in the manure belt
  • PA protective-coated floor grates*

    * optional equipment

Combi Pullet Rearing System for Layers

The Farmer Automatic Combi Pullet system provides an impressive degree of flexibility that allows for adaptions to changing market needs. An additional floor can be added above the system for optimum utilization of available floor space and optimum stocking density. With its extremely good visibility, Combi Pullet also supports easy and efficient monitoring of livestock.

The Combi Pullet system – shown here with two tiers.

Advantages and Benefits Combi Pullet

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Features Combi Pullet

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