Nov 26, 2012

Farmer Automatic’s EuroTier 2012 trade show presentation successful

Farmer Automatic, German manufacturer of economic poultry housing systems, impressed visitors at the EuroTier 2012 trade show in Hanover with its intelligent housing systems. From November 13 through 16, Farmer Automatic exhibited various products at its 300 m2 booth with a fresh, modern design including its new pullet rearing system: COMBI PULLET. The combination aviary system allows pullets to be reared for both conventional and alternative housing/aviaries. It is the latest addition to the wide range of products offered by Farmer Automatic, which includes ten premium-quality housing systems for layers, pullets, and broilers.

For the first time at the trade show, the forward-looking company also launched its new, attractive brand design. The modern, characteristic corporate logo reflects progress and innovation and represents the company’s top-quality product technology. In addition to the corporate logo, the system brochures and company website were also completely revamped. Red and gray are the dominant colors in the uniform, self-confident overall brand presentation, which also includes a few yellow accents in consistency with the new logo. The new website is designed to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate and provides interested parties and customers comprehensive information about Farmer Automatic’s product portfolio.

A few days after the trade show, Farmer Automatic sums up on a very positive note: “The trade show visitors were very interested in our new Combi Pullet system and we also received a lot of praise for our new brand design,” says Christian Dyckerhoff, CEO of the long-established company based in Laer, Germany. “We had the opportunity to engage in many interesting discussions and to establish new contacts, and we are really very satisfied with the results. What more could we want?” The event featuring live music that Farmer Automatic invited its customers to attend last Thursday evening at the trade show was also a complete success. The company, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, held the event to thank all of its customers for their long-standing loyalty.


The Combi Pullet rearing system offers a high degree of flexibility. In cooperation with breeders using alternative housing systems, Farmer Automatic developed a system that accommodates the needs of pullets and allows optimum management of the system by breeders. The system is designed for ease of operation, serving to optimize the results achieved both in aviaries and conventional systems.

The special features of the COMBI PULLET can be summarized as follows:

  1. Highly flexible system use
  2. Optional rearing for conventional and alternative systems
  3. as well as aviaries
  4. PA/polyamide protective coated floor grates
  5. Physically well-developed pullets
  6. Improved handling
  7. Enhanced options for administering vaccinations

The Combi Pullet system features a high degree of flexibility that allows for continuous accommodation to changing market needs – depending on the configuration. Livestock can thus be reared for both conventional and alternative housing /aviaries.

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