Jan 23, 2015

Farmer Automatic with two new layer systems at the IPPE trade show in Atlanta, US

From January 27 - 29, Farmer Automatic exhibits various products including its new systems as an aviary and for small group housing Combi II and Eco II at the International Poultry Expo 2015 trade show in Atlanta, US.

Combi II is a flexible housing system for layers. As the feed, water, nest and perch components can be arranged in different configurations, the system is perfect for use as a colony housing system or as an aviary system. With the feed troughs and egg belts on the inside, the complete system width of the Combi II counts as floor area.

The Eco II system is the innovative colony housing system for small groups of layers. With its variable section lengths, the Eco II system can be ideally configured for different house dimensions. This allows for efficient and economical use of available building space and optimized stocking density. With its versatile design options, the system can be individually adapted to meet customer requirements.

Both systems comply with both EU and global animal welfare regulations.

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