Jun 13, 2013

Farmer Automatic with new sales structure for the Netherlands

From May, Farmer Automatic Deutschland ended the cooperation with Farmer Automatic Nederland. To optimize the working experience, the Dutch customers will be serviced directly by the German team in Laer, Westfalen.

Since June, Aart Liefers is field representative for sales and technical support in the Netherlands. As a long term employee, he has valuable practical experience and know-how regarding all FA systems. Aart Liefers assists and advises the Dutch customers in all matters of poultry farming systems, spare parts and service.

Further, the After Sales Service of Farmer Automatic, with office sales force and project team are at disposal.

Farmer Automatic GmbH &Co. KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of economical poultry farming solutions. For over 50 years, Farmer Automatic places top priority on innovation, quality, service, and reliability. Farmer Automatic innovates its products continually in order to accommodate international market needs. All poultry farming systems are compliant with EU directives. The recently developed breeding system Combi Pullet is already sold in more than 10 countries worldwide and is very interesting for the Dutch market.

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