May 14, 2012

50 years Farmer Automatic

Farmer Automatic, one of the largest employers of the region, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The company launched the celebrations last Friday by thanking all of its employees and their families with an internal company party. 

It started off at 4 in the afternoon. The children were able to run riot in the monkeys’ bouncy castle and the play tent, while the adults enjoyed legendary rock and pop songs from the last six decades. The rock and pop stars from the Münsterland region, Niels & Wollo, impressed with their unique acoustics program. And refreshments were also served. Home-made cakes and gateaux made by the employees were on the program – and there was no end to their sweet creativity. This was followed in the early evening by a barbecue buffet with everything from cured pork roast to Bavarian potato salad. “The party was a great success; we all had lots of fun. It was like a big family event, where all generations were present, from the smallest infants up to the former, now pensioned employees“, said Christian Dyckerhoff, Managing Director of Farmer Automatic GmbH & Co. KG.

For Josef Kühlmann, the founder of the company, this jubilee year is a very special one. Because apart from the company’s 50th anniversary, he also celebrates his 80th birthday. Kühlmann was born in 1932 near Horstmar-Laer in the Münsterland region. After studying agricultural technology, he founded the company Farmer Automatic in 1962, which was originally called “Kühlmann”, together with his younger brother Heinrich Kühlmann.

“By giving this party we would like to express our thanks to all employees for their commitment, energy and constant motivation, because without their work, Farmer Automatic would not be what it is today“, Dyckerhoff again personally thanks the entire workforce.

The 50-year company anniversary will be celebrated this year with two big events. After the company celebrations for the employees, a special customer event will be organised in mid November within the framework of the EuroTier trade fair. The EuroTier is the most important trade fair of the industry in Germany and only takes place every 4 years – a suitable place to celebrate the company’s jubilee together with its customers.

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