Sep 04, 2017

Now it is a month since our two apprentices René Jurga (picture above, 3rd from the left) and Franziska Wilmes (picture above 2nd from the left) have started their career at Farmer Automatic.

They were welcomed by our Managing Director Dr. Dieter Zenker (picture above, 1. from the left) and our manager Operations Bernd Grieger (picture above 2. from the right) as well as our manager mechanics Tobias Ballering (picture above, 1. from the right).

René starts his apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic, while Franziska decided to become an industrial clerk. Exactly 20 years ago, two young trainees also started their careers at Farmer Automatic. Tanja Smits (picture below left, right) as an industrial clerk and Tobias Ballering (picture bottom right middle) as an industrial mechanic. Both can still remember this exciting day.
We are pleased that they have been working together with Farmer Automatic since then. Tanja Smits is now responsible for Human Resources. Tobias Ballering, after his successful advanced training as a master craftsman, took the position of production manager for mechanics.

Both of them will take care that our young colleagues get a high-quality education. Just as our colleagues did 20 years ago for Tanja and Tobias.

This is because of we know that only a good education can be a basis for good work.

Finally, we would like to wish our new employees Rene and Franziska a good start into the professional working life and thank Tanja and Tobias for the 20 years loyalty and participation to our company.

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