Nov 01, 2013

New investment project

In Q3/2013, Farmer Automatic announced the start of a new investment project in new manufacturing processes and information systems. Christian Dyckerhoff, Managing Director, Farmer Automatic, said: “We are laying the foundations for reducing costs while improving both quality and flexibility in our manufacturing. These investments focus on various state-of-the art machines with short set-up times and high process quality as well as the speedy modernisation of our IT systems, which will support optimum manufacturing processes throughout, from production-oriented design to order picking. In this way we will be able to meet specific customer needs even better. The new processes and technologies will be implemented over the next 8 months. Farmer Automatic has always enjoyed a reputation for well-engineered product quality and a high-performing employee base. We are now investing to ensure that we will expand and strengthen our leading position in the future.”

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