The Farmer Automatic Compact aviary housing system features an advanced design to achieve excellent egg quality and maximize the percentage of marketable eggs. Contact us for more product details.


  • System lighting*
  • Feed chain
  • Manure belt rollers
  • ZINAL5® floor grates
  • Hot-dip galvanized components
  • Self-rotating dust auger in the manure belt
  • PA protective-coated floor grates*

    * optional equipment

Compact Aviary Housing System for Layers

The Farmer Automatic Compact system is a clearly arranged aviary housing system for layers. With its walkable inspection aisle and other design features, Compact supports fast, convenient management of the system and livestock. Farmer Automatic also offers the system in the Compact Plus version with the same properties and benefits. The two versions have differing widths. This allows Compact to be efficiently configured for different house dimensions.

The Compact system – shown here with end piece and egg collection in a two-row configuration.

Compact Plus

The system is also available in the Compact Plus version with larger sections. Compact Plus has the same properties and benefits as the Compact system.

Advantages and Benefits Compact

Advantages at a glance.

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Features Compact

Features at a glance.

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