• Feed chain
  • ZINAL5® floor grates
  • Manure belt rollers
  • System lighting*
  • Hot-dip galvanized components
  • Self-rotating dust auger in the manure belt
  • PA protective-coated floor grates*

Advantages and Benefits

Optimum Animal Care

  • The Combi II housing system ensures optimum care of your livestock. Every tier can be fitted with feed troughs, drinking lines, nests, and perches. This ensures short routes and convenient access to all supply units.

    The feed chain is made of wear-free and durable steel to guarantee a fast and uniform feed mix and distribution.

Excellent Egg Quality and Maximum Yield

  • Intelligent features that prevent cracks, breakage, or soiling of the eggs boost both egg quality and the percentage of marketable eggs. For example, each tier of the system is equipped with nests.

    Short routes and easy access to the nests minimize the number of system- and floor-laid eggs. The nest is particularly well accepted by the livestock because narrow nest flaps on three to four sides of the nest allow the laying stock easy access. 

    Good nest acceptance is a prerequisite for excellent egg quality. The slight slope of the floor grating offers two advantages.

    All system-laid eggs roll directly onto the egg belt, removing the need for time-consuming manual collection. The Farmer Automatic patented EGGSAVER® ensures that the eggs roll slowly and gently onto the belt. 

    The second benefit is that the immediate transfer of eggs to the belt protects them from pecking, which noticeably increases the percentage of marketable eggs. The upper cover with shield* additionally protects the eggs from dust and dirt. The virtually self-cleaning PA/polyamide protective-coated floor grates* also help to keep the system clean. This special coating minimizes the accumulation of manure and dirt on the grates, thus keeping the eggs clean.

    Additionally, the system can be equipped with customizable, energy-efficient lighting.* This promotes the well-being of the livestock and thus contributes to improved egg production and egg quality.

    In closed system operation, the use of foldable doors* helps pullets adapt to the system following relocation from pullet housing to the laying system. This minimizes mortality, which ultimately leads to greater productivity.

Well-being and High Standard of Hygiene

  • The Combi II housing system promotes the wellbeing of the livestock and contributes to a high standard of hygiene. For example, the egg belt has a top cover* with a smooth surface that prevents dust and dirt from sticking to it.

    In addition, floor grates are available with a virtually self-cleaning PA/polyamide protective coating* that reduces the accumulation of waste on the floor and ensures a bright, pleasant environment.

    System hygiene can be further enhanced by means of a manure belt aeration tube* that helps to quickly dry manure.

    If birds fall sick, they can be quarantined within the system by foldable doors*. Necessary medications can then be administered with optimum dosage, which may help to reduce recovery times and minimize the risk of further infection.

    The system is designed to reduce the risk of injury to livestock. Floor grates are supported by flat sections from below so that birds can move safely on the resulting continuous floor. The ZINAL5® coating on the floor grates creates a pleasant walking environment and effectively reduces the formation of calluses. ZINAL5® is comprised of 95% zinc and 5% aluminum.

Low Operating Costs

  • The Farmer Automatic Combi II housing system is intelligently designed with advanced features to keep operating costs sustainably low.

    Simple management procedures save time and help to minimize labor costs. The system’s compact design with its very low overall height makes work easier. Identical equipment on all tiers ensures excellent visibility and easy monitoring of the livestock and the system. Additionally, the slight slope of the floor grating saves egg collecting time, since system-laid eggs automatically roll onto the egg belt, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual egg collection.

    The low profile enables the installation of a second floor on top of the system, which means you can double the livestock population, while complying with applicable local regulations. This also keeps staff overhead and capital outlay low.

    Long-lasting, low-maintenance, and easy-to-repair system parts also help to reduce costs. Hot-dip galvanized components and the high-quality ZINAL5® standard coating on the floor grates ensure excellent protection against corrosion.

    Farmer Automatic’s unique roller-guided manure belt system also supports low-wear operation of long systems and increases the service life of the manure belt.

    In addition, a dust auger in the manure belt prevents dirt and dust from accumulating on the inside of the manure belt, thus enhancing the directional stability of the belt.

    To save energy costs, the customizable lighting system* can be equipped with energy-efficient LED technology.

Low Maintenance

  • The components of the Farmer Automatic Combi II housing system are designed for a long service life and low maintenance requirements. Critical functional components of the system are hot-dip galvanized, a process that provides excellent protection against corrosion and extends the service life of the entire system. Farmer Automatic's unique roller-guided manure belt system is designed for reduced roll resistance, which requires less energy to operate and reduces wear on the belts and drive components, particularly in longer installations.

    A dirt and dust auger located under the manure belt ensures directional stability by eliminating the accumulation of waste.

    The system also features high-quality ZINAL5® floor grates as standard equipment. The coating comprises 95% zinc and 5% aluminum, offering triple corrosion protection on all floor components including the welded joints.

* optional equipment