Alterna is an efficient aviary housing system for layers. Its optimum use of building space means that available floor space can be put to highly economical use. The system is also available in the Alterna Plus and Base version.


  • Feed chain
  • Manure belt rollers
  • ZINAL5® floor grates
  • Hot-dip galvanized components
  • System lighting*
  • Self-rotating dust auger in the manure belt
  • PA protective-coated floor grates*

    * optional equipment

Alterna Aviary Housing System for Layers

The Alterna aviary housing system features an intelligent design to achieve excellent egg quality and maximize the percentage of marketable eggs. Operating costs are low, because a second floor can be installed on top of the system. This gives farmers the ability to double headcounts using the same floor space, while remaining compliant with legal provisions. Capital outlay and labor costs are reduced.

Alterna - 3 widths available, also as Base or Plus version 

Alterna Base and Plus

The Alterna Plus system has larger sections, while the Alterna Base system has narrower sections. Base and Plus have the same properties and benefits as the Alterna system.

Advantages and Benefits Alterna

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Features Alterna

Features at a glance.

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