From the first automatic laying nest to the first small-scale aviary: over the years, the engineers at Farmer Automatic have developed a variety of innovative and intelligent products. The timeline below provides a basic overview of our major innovations.

1961: First patent application: automatic laying nest

The first patent application is submitted for the automatic laying nest; a nest made of wood featuring innovative, automatic egg collection.

1964: Tunnel laying nest

Farmer Automatic develops the first tunnel laying nest consisting of a floor tray and a round roof with an entry hatch.

1980: EGGSAVER® egg rolling system

Development of the world-famous EGGSAVER® for reducing the percentage of cracked eggs: Eggs rolling out of the section are held back by a wire, which prevents collisions with eggs already on the egg belt.

1985: Dirty Egg Return

The new "dirty egg return" egg transport system is specially developed for the U.S. market. Thanks to its innovative technology dirty eggs are sorted out and cleaned in a fully automated process.

1987: Manure belt return system above sections

The hygienic manure belt return system above the sections newly developed by Farmer Automatic offers the decisive advantage compared to normal manure belt cleaning systems that pullets cannot peck from the manure belt.

1993: Overhead drying

This innovative overhead drying system transports manure between the manure belts up above the sections and through a drying tunnel that uses room air for drying. This means that fresh manure is always dried immediately.

1993: Extensions to the broiler fattening system

The Farmer Automatic broiler section is equipped with a folding woven plastic fabric floor, a manure belt, an external feed chain, and height-adjustable nipple drinkers.

1998: Aviary housing system for layers

For the first time, Farmer Automatic offers multitier, open housing systems for layers featuring the same manure removal and feed systems as those used in the standard closed systems.

2002: Double level aviaries

Development of a two-tier aviary, where two identical systems separated by a mezzanine floor are placed on top of one another, enabling cost-effective doubling of the bird population within a system.

2003: Combi Matic

Combi Matic is the first aviary featuring the same equipment on all tiers. This minimizes the need for livestock to move between tiers.

2003: Ongoing development of the broiler systems

The improved broiler systems are now equipped with stamped plastic mats. They are more hygienic and can be pulled out of the cage completely.

2004: Pro Soft Elevator

The innovative Pro Soft Elevator uses suspended egg transport frames to allow eggs to be gently transferred to an egg conveyor. Wind eggs and dirt are automatically sorted out by an inlet cassette.

2006: Type 143 aviary housing system for layers

The new Type 143 aviary housing system for layers offers two rows of nests on three tiers. The sloping floor gratings that automatically collect system-laid eggs are a particularly innovative feature.

2007: Combi Matic

Farmer Automatic launches a new generation Combi Matic alternative / aviary housing system for layers. It features an overhead drying system and a manure belt with a width of 1,750 mm.

2007: Ongoing development of the broiler systems

The pull-out floor mats in the new broiler system are now held by a solid, stable frame for easier cleaning.

2009: Small-scale aviary housing system

Farmer Automatic launches a compact aviary housing system. Daily drying of fresh manure in the ventilation tunnel effectively promotes a healthy, hygienic environment.

2013: 1 Star INNOV´SPACE award for Combi Pullet

Farmer Automatic has been selected and awarded a 1 Star at the INNOV´SPACE 2013 of the French trade show Space in Rennes for the pullet rearing system Combi Pullet. The combined pullet rearing system has a high grade of flexibility. Farmer Automatic designed a system in corporation with cage free pullet farmers, which fits perfect for the needs of the birds and the operating farmer.

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