More than 50 Years of Farmer Automatic

Even before founding Farmer Automatic in 1962, Josef Kühlmann patented his idea of an "automatic nest" for poultry farms: on November 17, 1961, this world first was registered with the German Patent Office in Munich under the number 1.159.028.

In 1962, Josef Kühlmann went on to found the family business, laying the foundations for decades of success. Josef soon gained the support of his younger brother Heinrich Kühlmann, who is responsible for developing and managing the US market. Later on, the youngest of the three brothers, Antonius Kühlmann, also joins the company. He takes charge of development and production.

The first years of Farmer Automatic's business operations are characterized by sales of laying nests. This innovation is sold millions of times, especially in the US and the Netherlands. The automatic nest is followed by more domestic and foreign patents. All world innovations are presented at an early stage at international exhibitions, thus helping Farmer Automatic to soon acquire a global reputation.

Gradually, independent representatives in various countries step in to handle the marketing and servicing of Farmer Automatic systems. In 1967, "Farmer Automatic of America" is founded by William K. Moeller in the United States. Also at the end of the 1960s, Farmer Automatic starts to produce and sell coop systems for poultry farming - a further milestone in the history of the company. Farmer Automatic continues to develop, and the Kühlmann brothers run out of space on their parents’ farm. Finally in 1970, the first 2,500-m2 production facility is erected at the newly developed industrial park in Laer. The site grows steadily in the following years.

Soon the company's products are distributed worldwide. In the late 70s, development of the Middle Eastern market, especially Saudi Arabia, follows. This is where Farmer Automatic sets up the first turnkey poultry farms. The 80s see the successful and future-oriented development of the Canadian market.

Initial business relations with Japan are established in 1988. Despite difficult conditions, the Japanese market quickly develops to become the second largest customer after the USA. In 1990, the first Farmer Automatic system is installed in the former Soviet Union.

Due to its impressive quality based on state-of-the-art technology Farmer Automatic records a steady increase in sales. Since 2000, the company has also offered various systems in the field of alternative poultry rearing. Farmer Automatic is thus one of the forerunners in the growing market for alternative rearing systems.

The US-based AGCO Group acquired all shares in Farmer Automatic in April 2015. The new owner is a renowned manufacturer of agricultural machinery and implements. Farmer Automatic now forms part of GSI, a division of the AGCO Group that specialises in cereals and protein, and extends the Group’s fields of activity to include the manufacture of poultry housing systems.