• Hot-dip galvanized components
  • Manure belt rollers
  • System lighting*
  • Perforated plastic mat

Advantages and Benefits

Outstanding Meat and Foot Quality

  • The Farmer Automatic Broiler system is characterized by the unique perforated Farmer Automatic floor mat. Perforations in the mat allow manure to fall through the holes onto the manure belt below, thus keeping the mat clean.


    This also keeps the birds’ feet clean and protects them from developing calluses. The soft, smooth, yet stable mat prevents the formation of breast blisters. The automated livestock removal process prevents wing breakage and bruising. These benefits ensure an outstanding, first-class quality product and excellent profitability.

Flock Uniformity

  • The Farmer Automatic Broiler System features height-adjustable feed and water supply lines that ensure a high level of flock uniformity. The height of the feed and water supply lines can be adapted to match livestock growth. The central layout with two feed pans in each section contributes to a good feed intake and low feed loss. Easy access to the feed pans optimizes the flock’s feed conversion and supports uniform growth of all livestock.




Efficient Livestock Removal

  • With many years of practical experience, Farmer Automatic has succeeded in optimizing the livestock removal process for the Broiler system. Above all, much attention was paid to achieving a high degree of automation. After removing the floors, birds are automatically transported along the manure belt and elevated by an automatic lift system to the Broiler cross-conveyor, which gently delivers them to the loading bay. Since the manure belt runs on special Farmer Automatic manure belt rollers, it is capable of transporting heavy loads while achieving low wear levels.



High Standard of Hygiene and Livestock Health

  • The Farmer Automatic Broiler system features intelligent design details that promote the health and well-being of the livestock. Perforated floor mats made of soft plastic reduce the risk of disease by preventing livestock from coming into direct contact with the manure.



    Breast and foot injuries are also largely prevented. A simple and efficient livestock removal process furthermore ensures that the birds remain calm and are thus not injured in the process. The reliable water supply is also important: two water lines with seven nipples per section ensure optimum livestock rearing conditions.


Low Operating Costs and Long Service Life

  • The Farmer Automatic Broiler system is characterized by a wide range of technical advancements that minimize operational costs. For instance, manure belts on each tier can be controlled individually to save energy costs. The livestock removal process is optimized by first automatically transporting birds on the manure belt (once the floors are removed) and then via the lift system to the Broiler cross conveyor, and finally to the loading bay, which saves time and effort.


    The excellent visibility provided by the design supports efficient and time-saving system operation. Many high-quality details also serve to enhance the system’s durability, which lowers long-term operating costs across the entire service life. For example, hot-dip galvanized components provide excellent corrosion protection and the unique roller-guided manure belt system also supports low-wear operation in longer systems. Manure belt service life is extended by two manure scrapers located on the deflection pulley and on the belt that clean the belt to ensure unobstructed operation.  



Fast, Convenient Operation

  • The Farmer Automatic Broiler System promotes fast, convenient operation. For example, visibility into the system is excellent, thus simplifying monitoring of the broilers. The practical sliding doors make it easy to access the livestock for vaccinations, culling, etc.


    On top of this, livestock removal is a quick and efficient automated process that keeps labor cost, to a minimum. Additionally, each floor can be easily removed individually and then refitted after cleaning. For particularly narrow aisles, optional folding floors* are available for the system.


Optimum Utilization of Floor Space

  • The Farmer Automatic system allows optimum utilization of floor space as it supports heights of up to four tiers. In comparison with deep litter systems, this allows for double to triple the stocking density on the same floor space.

* optional equipment